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2015 Conference Speakers

Menolascino webMark Menolascino, MD, CONFERENCE CHAIRMAN

Founder & Director, Meno Clinic Center for Advanced Medicine, Jackson Hole, WY

Choosing Ancillary Services for Improved Outcome & Increased Revenue
There are literally thousands of ancillary services now being marketed to physicians and other practitioners. The right ones can bring major improvements both to patient care and to the fiscal health of a practice. The wrong ones can be a big drain. Dr. Menolascino, a long-time Heal Thy Practice alumnus, who directs a thriving functional medicine practice in Jackson Hole, WY, shares insight on how to select ancillaries that are right for you.


O'Bryan webTom O'Bryan, DC, Founder, The Gluten Summit

The Neurological Underbelly of the Gluten-Free Lifestyle: Potential Benefits, Devastating Dangers

A chiropractor by training, Dr. O'Bryan quickly realized that nutrition and food-related issues were central to the challenges his patients faced. Since then, he has become one of the world's foremost experts on gluten sensitivity & other food allergies. Widely respected for his diagnostic acumen, as well as his communication skills, Dr. O'Bryan returns to Heal Thy Practice with new perspectives on gluten and other common food allergens, their impact on neurophysiology, and the pros & cons of major dietary changes. Based in San Diego, Dr. O'Bryan is director of the Gluten Summit, and founder of the Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity Certification Program.


Carnahan webJill Carnahan, MD, Flatiron Functional Medicine, Boulder, CO

Making Clinical Sense of the Microbiome; How to Build & Develop a Cash-Pay Practice Discoveries about the human microbiome are reshaping many aspects of medicine and opening new avenues for treatment not only of digestive disorders but also depression, sleep problems, and autoimmune conditions. Dr. Carnahan will offer practical tips for incorporating microbiome testing as well as probiotic treatments into routine practice.


Lundquist webErik Lundquist, MD, Founder, Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine, Temecula, CA

The Practice Transformation Journey; Insurance-Based Integrative Medicine

Many people believe true integrative medicine is only possible in a direct-pay or concierge practice model. Not so, says Dr. Lundquist, who is able to provide high-quality functional medicine in a fully insurance-based practice that was overbooked just 3 months after opening! Success requires solid teamwork, careful coding, and openness to community input. In his talks, Dr. Lundquist will share valuable lessons learned along the path from frustration to fulfillment.


LaValle webJames LaValle, RPh, Founder, Metabolic Medicine Institute, George Washington University

Fundamentals of Metabolic Medicine

A pharmacist by training, Dr. LaValle discovered the limitations of drug-based medicine early in his career. Since then, he's focused on the role of nutrition & lifestyle change in transforming lives. Working closely with Dr. Andrew Heyman at George Washington University, Dr. LaValle founded the Metabolic Medicine Institute to help more practitioners leverage the insights obtained from systems biology for improved clinical outcomes.


Fox webNiki Fox, Owner, Integrative Medicine Consulting Group

Insurance-Based Integrative Medicine

As Dr. Lundquist's partner in the Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine, Ms. Fox shares her unique perspectives on practice administration, billing & coding, and clinical teambuilding in the context of a busy integrative primary care clinic.


Briggs webBridget Briggs, MD, Private Practice, Murrietta, CA

Medical Director, EpigeneticsRX

Getting a Grip on Genomics Clinicians are scrambling to catch up with the genomics revolution, as proactive patients seek gene tests from direct-to-consumer companies like 23andMe. Dr. Briggs, who heads a successful insurance-based functional medicine practice, will describe how she uses genome data in the context of other clinical tests to guide her treatment decisions.


Weiss webDecker Weiss, NMD, Naturopathic Cardiologist, Scottsdale, AZ

New Perspectives on Chronic Inflammation

Conventional medicine has limited tools for dealing with chronic, systemic inflammation. From his unique perspective as the first naturopathic physician to complete a residency
and fellowship in cardiology, and the first to work in a conventional cardiac hospital (Arizona Heart Hospital), Dr. Weiss will share holistic strategies for down-regulating inflammatory pathways. He will also explore the relationship between inflammation on the individual level and the interpersonal "inflammation" that underlies global conflict.


Abrahmson webPaul Abramson, MD, Founder, My Doctor Medical Group, San Francisco

What Information Technology Can—and Cannot—Do For Your Practice

Wearable self-monitoring gizmos, health-related smartphone apps, and computer-based clinical decision tools are all the rage these days. How many of them are truly useful? How do "quantified self" tools factor into today's clinical practice? Dr. Abramson— a physician, electrical engineer and self-professed tech enthusiast—shares his experience at the crossroads of IT and clinical care.


Shojai webPedram Shojai, OMD, Founder, Well.org

Opportunities in Corporate Wellness

Dr. Shojai is an accomplished practitioner of Chinese medicine, a healthcare entrepreneur, and a health educator based in the Los Angeles area. He is also a key player in the corporate wellness field, working extensively with corporations large and small to improve the health status of their employees. Companies nationwide spent nearly $20 billion on these programs, and they are desperately seeking what holistic/functional medicine practitioners have to offer. Dr. Shojai will review the opportunities now emerging in corporate wellness, and share strategies for breaking into this fast-moving field.


Zacharias webMiriam Zacharias, MS, LPSN, CEO, Competitive Fitness Group

The PEACE Process—Practice-Building Tips from Highly Prosperous

Practitioners Practice consultant Miriam Zacharias returns to Heal Thy Practice with fresh insight on how to market integrative practices in ways that are in synch with the core values of healing. She will share practice building strategies from her new book, The PEACE Process, and offer essential practice development tips gleaned from hundreds of participants in her recent Prosperous Practitioner Summit.


Simon webJacques Simon, Esq, New York, NY
Medicolegal Intensive: Key Legal & Regulatory Issues for Integrative Clinicians

Jacques Simon is one of the nation's top attorneys focused on medicolegal issues in holistic medicine. Trained at Hofstra School of Law, and holding licenses in NY, CT and GA, he specializes in defending holistic practitioners, and in stopping ad hoc disciplinary proceedings against them. His unique approach saves licenses, livelihoods and practices. In this lively interactive session, Simon will offer tips for keeping your practice on solid legal ground.


Minton webScott Minton, PhD, Scientific Advisor, Nordic Naturals

The Heart-Mind Connection: Exploring the Impact of Cardiovascular Disease on Mental Health

Cardiovascular and mental health are intimately related. Physiologist Scott Minton, MS, PhD, will review the emerging evidence of the role played by omega-3s EPA and DHA in modulating membrane receptors, channels, and associated signal transduction pathways to affect cardiovascular, cognitive and emotional functions. He will also provide practical
tools for determining clinically doses of omega-3s in different patient populations.
Sponsored by Nordic Naturals


Dvorak webSylva Dvorak, PhD, Psychoneurology & Integrative Health, Encinitas, CA

Moving Forward: Mind-Body Practices for Empowerment & Change

Psychoneurologist Sylva Dvorak has devoted years studying the pathways through which physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual signals are processed and integrated. With emphasis on movement and ritual as tools for transformation, she helps clients restore physical & emotional health, overcome self-defeating behaviors, and make positive changes. In this special experiential workshop, Dr. Dvorak guide Heal Thy Practice attendees in creating rituals to help them move forward in their professional and personal lives.