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Belfast Exposed

Enriching people’s lives through photography


For over 40 years Belfast Exposed has led the way, challenging, shaping and bringing meaning to our culture and society. Through the power of photography, we have created a unique photo collection, capturing who we were, who we are and in turn what we can become. It serves us to ensure an inspiring, enduring legacy for today and beyond.

Starting out in dark troubled times, we have now grown into a force for creativity. Our innovation has led to numerous achievements and awards, fuelling confidence and reinforcing the solid belief in what we do and what we can achieve.

Art is at the heart of everything we do, shaping our dreams and aspirations. Communicating universally from grassroots to boardrooms.

We are relentless in our ambitions to challenge the status quo. Disruptively pushing back frontiers. Growing and supporting new talent through facilitating learning, showcasing exhibitions, whilst helping to champion our community. Through identifying meaningful and lasting partnership opportunities we create genuine, enduring value for artist progression, mental health, businesses and legacy of our people.

Our plans bold, our strategies focused and our vision remains true.

To learn more about Belfast Exposed and our ongoing mission to use photography to help mental health, click here.

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